Welcome to AAGM

AAGM LLC established by Mr. Saifullah in Dubai building maintenance industry for near 20 years. Abdullah Arjamand General Maintenance L.L.C. established their presence in Dubai building maintenance industry for near 20-years as leading maintenance service providers. The company pioneered to be a responsible establishment to augment “TOTAL SOLUTIONS FOR BUILDING MAINTENANCE SERVICES” with their versatile experience and professional approach towards the task. The company is managed by a team of very well experienced professionals, comprising experts in the areas of total electro-mechanical services.

Our Mission

We at AAG Maintenance aim to provide our clients with the highest quality of service in the general maintenance industry. Our company uses the highest quality hardware to create the best living experience for its customers. We aim to beautify your buildings with our aesthetics and help create buildings which are not only beautiful to look at but also comfortable to live in. Our goal is to provide a quality of service and product that is unmatched by any other company in the UAE. We aim to create relationships which last a lifetime, in the same way as the products and services we provide.


Electric Work

Our electrical services include the execution of all types of electric installation and...

Plumbing Work

Our Drainage and Water Supply work includes installing all the plumbing and we also...

Masonary & Tiling

We provide water proofing services for the roofs and the floors. We use the latest quality...

Painting Work

Our paint policy covers both the interior and exterior painting of a building in additional...

Our Contracts


Our monthly maintenance contract covers everything from plumbing, electrical, and the specific maintenance required by the client. The contract entails that we will check and fix any equipment that needs to be repaired in these fields. The monthly contact is an excellent way of regularly keeping check of all the equipment and also helps in the timely correction of any faults that may arise.


We also offer the contract on yearly basis comprising on different maintenance requirements in different intervals of time during the contract year. This contract can be tailored to meet the individual client requirements, such as the interval at which maintenance takes places and which departments need to be repaired and checked. Such contracts are ideal for smaller buildings which need fewer repairs.

Our Clients